Overcoming the odds – Record Newspaper (20 September 2013)

Pretoria based businessman Moses Munasi not only demonstrates true entrepreneurial spirit but also shows how, with perseverance and tenacity, a person can overcome enormous odds.

Munasi the founder of the IT solutions and business branding company Munasi Consulting, already knew what hard work meant as a small business starting out. He joined the Pretoria branch of Shanduka Black Umbrellas (SUB) in May 2011, determined to take his business to the next level.

SBU provides its 100% black owned SMME (small medium and micro enterprise) clients with a solid foundation to achieve success and to beat the odds of failing when starting and running a business. This is done through training and ongoing mentoring by providing subsidies infrastructure and support. In June 2012 Munasi Consulting posted their highest monthly turn-over –a six-fold increase since joining the SBU Programme.

The Munasi’s life changed when he was hit by a taxi on his way to work and had to be hospitilased for six weeks due to extensive facial burns suffered during the accident. During this time there was no one to run his business and, as a result, it nearly collapsed, as Munasi was unable to close deals, see clients and service the sales pipeline.

He had to retrench stuff members until there was one person left in the business – himself. By August that same year there we zero sales in the business due to the hospitalisation. Despite the trauma he endured, Munasi was well enough to start again in September and began rebuilding what was left of his business.

He planned his time effectively between securing work and implementation. He enlisted an intern to assist with the workload and spent many late nights completing work for clients. Slowly but surely things started to turn around and he was able to employ more staff.

In April this year, Munasi was selected to participate in the Micro Enterprise Development Organisation (MEDO) trade programme and visited UK for 10 days. Munasi Consulting completed the 12 Month turnover from June2013 with only R7000 less turnover than the previous 12 month period – this despite the business hardly in operation for the three months while Moses was recuperating.

Thanks to his never say die entrepreneurial spirit, he has triumphed against the odds.

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